Sunday, 14 August 2011

Hey Guys

Yeah, guess who is back from camping and hiking? Climbing up rocks right beside a waterfall is fun. Being eaten alive by mosquitoes as soon as you veer away from said waterfall made it easy for me to decide what my favourite spot in the forest was.

No, I did not see the resident Eldritch Abomination there. There were no freaky cults, no blood sacrifice, and they even gave me my hoodie back when I left it at the food court. The worst crime that happened was a woman stealing a watch from Canadian Tire. Pretty damn idyllic, in my opinion.

Given I left you guys with a joke that apparently pissed at least one person (Blanche) off, I apologize for robbing you of the chance to call me a fucktard. No, I am not infected or sick or coughing or seeing tall pale faceless people in swanky suits. Also, I apparently killed someone thanks to being at camp. Sorry about that.

For those interested in what I actually did: campfires, s'mores, the works. I also played a bit of my Nuzlocke and a shitload of Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time. I forgot that it had a plot. I forgot that its plot was fucking amazing. Cue me being glued to the DS for days on end.

Yeah, that's it.

Oh, and Tezca was very happy to see me when I came back. We hung out yesterday after the drive. Even though I was totally exhausted, we managed to have fun~


  1. Don't worry about her. I think it was a cool joke.

  2. Usually I'd envy your fun. But I got to sleep in a real bed yesterday.

    Came here to ask why you're following my blog. You said you're following 'big players'. That's not me.

  3. Bob is quite amused since I am the butch one of the pair, if you go by appearance.

    Atalanta: Messenger mentioned you, and he is... somewhat significant? I'm trying to follow the literate ones on the tall abomination's side, willingly or not. "Big players" has eventually spread out to "anyone that seems interesting".

    Glad you liked the joke, Ben. No one else seems to have found it funny.