Sunday, 21 August 2011

Shit Has Been Going Down

Or well, I've been out of the house. Not "let's chill in Starbucks" out of the house, but out out.

For those not intelligent enough to grasp my meaning, I ditched the house and my family and holed up at Tezca's for a few days. Someone broke into our house, and things got rather nasty when we got back from an outing to discover the house fucked up and all that.

Nasty enough that I decided to give my parents time to cool off. Also got the opportunity to do some random stuff for a friend, and got eighty bucks as a result. That was pretty nice.

So yeah, just happened to check in now. Seems like Robert is alive or dead or a ninja robot zombie Sage, Maduin is rather unreliable, Shaun is wanted and some other people are having shittier lives than usual. Well, it cheers me up.

At least I'm not a ninja robot zombie Sage.

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