Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Things of Note

I haven't been posting much. Much of that has been due to hanging out with Tezca for the whole day, and then meeting up with her again on Sunday. While I am quite sure only three of you really want to hear about my personal life, as I have only once seen a signpost that looked remotely like Slendy, there is not much else to report.

Sorry to disappoint~

We talked about Marble Hornets, whether or not I should get into EMH despite the chance of being utterly confused... and the blogs. She thought Core Theory was a bunch of idealistic crap that read like a fantasy book. I would like to add that it reads like a rather plausible and well-written fantasy, and the twists in White Elephants were pretty awesome, so our complaints differ.

We also debated Operator Symbol usage in between sweet nothings and myth swaps. I'm sure anyone listening in on the conversation would have been worried about our sanity, as we were getting weird looks the whole time. Might have just been my hair, though.

Regardless, it was fun. I have not lost time nor been teleporting around the place and I managed to get out of the house for two days with no trouble. All in all, it went quite well.


  1. Is good to have a partner to chat sometimes, eh?

    Lately the operator symbol is more used by runners than by the 'minions'. Is more like a way to indentify a completly stranger as a comrade with a glance. Back at the border I used to wear a black backpack with a big operator symbol drawed in the front.

  2. Really? I remember reading on The Mystic that the proxies/minions/bad guys were using the operator symbol to mark runners or something. I dunno. I got a little confused by that point. Maybe I'm just not cut out for Slenderman stuff. Heh.

  3. yeah, it is pretty neutral. Some people even think is a double-edge sword. For both factions.

  4. I guess that could be true. I remember reading on that Tutorial one that it does that. Although, I'm not really clear on how that works exactly. No point in worrying about it really. It's not like it's real or nothin.

    Sorry, I know you're in character and are all but obligated to respond with all the "get out while you still can" jazz, but I'm not so I'm just not gonna bother with it right now. Not trolling, just not in the mood for such games at the moment.

  5. Jeje, dont worry, long ago I stopped with the 'jazz'. Actually that is what atracts people most of the time..

  6. When every single mythology ever has at least one story about humans being curious and then fucking everything up, you'd think people would realize that warning someone away does far more harm than good.

    That said, I read somewhere (probably TV Tropes) that the Operator symbol is useful because it makes you think of Slendy. It's a fairly common symbol to be found randomly in society, so you think of him more, and he's supposed to show up.

    Effective. Once you have a certain connection in your head, it's hard to remove it.

  7. yeah I used to have a problem about drawing it..
    The symbol itself does not have a meaning, but because of that the mind subcounciouly can freely imagine it's purpose. I think is part of the mindfucking The Blaph Monster goes for.