Friday, 29 July 2011

Well, well

I asked Tezca out today. So, uh, this is an official date which means she is my official girlfriend and I hope this goes well.

I shaved my head last week, and though she knows that I did, I am vaguely and irrationally worried that I will put her off instantly when I show up like this. Regardless, with our smog and heat and humidity, it is way cooler than anything else. Besides, now I look very, very butch. Give me a hoodie and I would look like a guy, and this pleases me greatly.

Welcome To my Horde of new followers, regardless of your sanIty. I Snark and mock all equally! Be you alleged proxIeS or sAge or normaL, I wIll bE sure to troll you without any discrimination.

...That was irritating to write. I now have more fodder for a critical post for later.

No Nuzlocke news lately, but I am now on a relatively even footing with the blogosphere and MH to start discussions with Tezca. The lack of video game updates is thanks to you guys and your endless updates and blogs, so I blame you.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Declaration of Intent

Alright. Welcome and thank you to my shiny new followers, all three of you. Whether you are insane, amazingly dedicated writers or telling the truth, it's nice to know I have so many people reading this.

That said - please don't give me too many "you're in too deep, get out" comments because they will eventually become monotonous. Instead, let's play a game.

I keep reading and watching, and nothing happens. I comment on the things I find stupid in the mythos, and hopefully do not draw too many aforementioned remarks about my doom.

I keep reading and watching and delve too deep. I issue an apology, and allow everyone involved to call me an idiotic fucktard who needs her eyes gouged out and her girlfriend slaughtered for infecting her. Calling me a fucktard is a rare honour, you know.

Yes, I'm making light of this. No, I won't stop. I see why Tezca's so interested though, with the tree symbolism and callbacks to German and Egyptian myths. Gives me some ideas, as it were.

Monday, 25 July 2011


Because reading weird-ass stories on the Internet put me in a weird-ass mood.

I mean, seriously, creepypasta? That's my treasure hunt? It's not holy literature or a classic or anything of the sort. But I can see what she's getting at, really. A lot of focus on old Fae myths - iron, salt, the like. Water, trees, fire. The distortion stuff, the static, the symbol and what it means.

Fuck my dignity, it's actually kind of cool.

I mean, there's weird Wicca stuff all over, from some blogs, and then some classic government conspiracies, and heavy science and military stuff....

Perception filters, lightning guns, magic circles - it's like a convention.

Anyways, not here to talk about that, fun as it is. I'm here to talk about myself a bit while I snoop around.

So, yeah, Quetzal, the mythology-obsessed nerd. I like ARGs, needling people, having a good laugh.... What can I say? Trolling is fun, too, though I try to keep it intelligent and not "NO U". The world needs more snark.  Original snark, though, not something stupid like calling everyone a faggot. That's the most tired attempt of irritating people, really.

I have a dog, and a rabbit. I like reptiles, especially the big fierce ones that I can only admire from a distance. I don't like the dark, don't like heights, and hate idiots. I like girls - for anyone dense enough to not notice the last few posts - and I like knowing how to kick people's asses, especially when they start making what their pitiful minds interpret as witty comments on my aforementioned liking. I like trolling trolls. I have an older brother, I live with my parents (totally your usual basement dweller sitting on a laptop all the time) and I have a job doing stuff online.

You could say I take refuge in cynicism because my ideals and dreams are too bright and shiny, and I know they'll break.

Or, you know, this could all be a complete lie. Anonymity is awesome, eh?

Sunday, 24 July 2011


Alright, so... this was easier than I expected, but I suppose I was lucky it was on the first page of image results.

Hint was "x inside a circle". There were a lot of math results, but when I went to Google Images...

This thing. Cool, huh? I checked the source website, Encyclopedia Slenderia, which is some sort of... wiki, blog-style, on some weird internet meme. Looks a lot more interesting, if weird, than most memes, so I'll definitely take a look at this. Already have some links to some weird deity/entity and a few Youtube vids so... my afternoon will be fun.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

I Might Not Like Iced Coffee

But iced chocolate? Awesome.

Talked with Tezca (still debating on this) and I got my first hint.

She described a symbol that apparently has cropped up with a ton of heavy myths recently, and I'm only allowed to check the first page of Google search results. Should be fun.

Friday, 22 July 2011


Apparently I have more to look forward to tomorrow than just coffee and a chat.

If my sole follower at the moment has ever read the Redwall books that compromised a part of my childhood, then you know what kind of riddles and treasure hunts I like. Long, cryptic ones. Hints and "Eureka" moments everywhere - that sort of thing.

So my friend (who needs to come up with a handle; I'm too paranoid to use her real name) decided to give me a clue to start me off on some symbolic story on the internet. I'd like to think that I would adore being in an ARG, so I don't mind checking it out.

I'll see what she's come up with tomorrow~

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Note to Self

Charge DS before taking a long bus trip downtown.

Do not spend time outside.

If you have been a total fucking idiot and spent time outside, do not order a hot coffee.

If you have continued being retarded and done so anyways, do not continue walking later.

If you have been stupid and walked around, do not complain when your head hurts and you feel like shit.

And the DS' battery needs to be charged too. Yaaaay.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Yeah, I Was Busy

Um. Part of it was Pokemon Red, though I did grind and beat Falkner in my Nuzlocke - I'm doing pretty well right now.
Bakuphoon - M, Level 16
Impa - F, Level 15
Norima - F, Level 14
Mornir - M, Level 14
Ymir - M, Level 15
Sly - M, Level 13

But, uh, another reason for my silence was that I've been kind of busy being social. I went to the Harry Potter premiere - not at midnight but still, the first day. And it was awesome. And I met this really nice girl there. Like, absurdly nice and geeky and willing to discuss Pokemon challenges and how at the end of the third movie you could wait to see if Harry would say "Nox" at the end of the credits....

You get the gist of it. She likes mythology too! Mostly Scandinavian and fairytale sort of thing - not the modern versions but the Grimm stuff. Black forests and death and cannibalism everywhere. 

So yeah, traded numbers, MSN - we chat a lot. She's a big fan of symbols and different interpretations of them. Like those Japanese and Chinese characters apparently can mean five different things depending on context or minor variations as you write them... and other stuff too, like how snakes are deceitful in western culture but a symbol of guardianship in the east. We're going to meet up next weekend again.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Monday, 4 July 2011


So, I hoped for a Mareep - and I got one. Also, I started theme naming and then realized two of my team don't go with the theme but shh.

It all works together in my head.

Bakuphoon - M, Level 12
Impa - F, Level 11
Norima - F, Level 11
Ymir - M, Level 11
Mornir - M, Level 11
Why yes, Ymir is named for the Ymir forest and that damn fruit from Tales of Symphonia. And its moveset is going to be lacklustre until I get my hands on a Leaf Stone, apparently. Yaaaay. Mornir is named for the Odin-expy in the Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay. Volt, despite being the name of a Summon Spirit, was just too cliché.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Well, Technically Today!

So, started my Nuzlocke run with basic rules and a No Duplicates clause - thanks Blanche, who is also my first and only follower. Welcome to my dreary blog~

Currently still lurking about Cherrygrove - the SoulSilver intro is rather long and takes a while to get to where I can actually catch Pokemon - but I have three now and I'll be doing some major grinding tomorrow. Also, just watched Sucker Punch! My mind is kind of on overdrive now - had to try to balance everything and work out what was going on. Have to admit I really liked it, though. So yeah... my current (horribly weak team):
Bakuphoon - M, Level 11

Impa - F, Level 4
Norima - F, Level 3

Excuse the weird formatting, not exactly sure how to tinker with pictures yet. I didn't have the best luck, as I was hoping for a Pidgey, but Hoothoot can learn some Psychic moves so that'll work well enough, and Norima might be badass if I can keep her around till she evolves. Huh, it is now 12:30, Sunday morning. How ever did that happen?

...Oh yes, TV Tropes.

Well, I started this post at 11:58 so it still counts. Anyways, should turn in. Updates tomorrow if I get the chance!

Friday, 1 July 2011

I Call Upon Thee

" the land of the dead, to release thy fury of thunder!"

Uh, hi! I am Quetzal, a mythology geek who also games. Don't really know what to say here - got my next few posts planned out for gaming. I... write essays in my spare time, on stuff that interests me - like mythology, and mythology in video games and...

I swear I'm not as one-track minded as I appear - it's just that it's a fascinating subject! As for video games, I do like Tales of Symphonia, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed.

This blog will be for essays, ramblings and my accounts of my Pokemon Nuzlocke run, which I am starting tomorrow. So... random stuff: I'm female. 18, Canadian, I live in the Centre of the Universe (Toronto, to non-Canadians who are not aware of the joke) and I'm about to become a university student~ I go on TV Tropes, though I am not a troper. So... yeah, introduction over. Nuzlocke details shall follow soon.