Wednesday, 31 August 2011

An Explanation

Or my half-assed attempt at one without giving stuff away.

Stuff I really don't want to put all over the internet for my paltry few followers to read. University is starting next  week, I'm nervous about that, but more importantly.... Someone broke in, nothing was taken, stuff is moved around a lot and everyone is not happy.

And when people other than me are not happy, my laptop gets stolen, books get trashed and things are generally not congenial. So I figured it was better to run before that happened, but....

Shit. Don't want to go into this too much, but things are not going well and if Tezca pools with me I might have enough to find some place that is not this place to go to.

I clearly can't be cryptic. I just go into run on sentences. Lovely.

If I keep typing I will probably go into to much detail, so I guess I'll just shut up and try to placate my parents.