Friday, 29 July 2011

Well, well

I asked Tezca out today. So, uh, this is an official date which means she is my official girlfriend and I hope this goes well.

I shaved my head last week, and though she knows that I did, I am vaguely and irrationally worried that I will put her off instantly when I show up like this. Regardless, with our smog and heat and humidity, it is way cooler than anything else. Besides, now I look very, very butch. Give me a hoodie and I would look like a guy, and this pleases me greatly.

Welcome To my Horde of new followers, regardless of your sanIty. I Snark and mock all equally! Be you alleged proxIeS or sAge or normaL, I wIll bE sure to troll you without any discrimination.

...That was irritating to write. I now have more fodder for a critical post for later.

No Nuzlocke news lately, but I am now on a relatively even footing with the blogosphere and MH to start discussions with Tezca. The lack of video game updates is thanks to you guys and your endless updates and blogs, so I blame you.


  1. I never understanded what is 'trolling' when I learned english..

    About the previous post's comments: I always believed that tittles and names give moral to the ones who wields them. So in some way yeah, is a not-serious name.

  2. Ah. So you and your girl are finally making a move towards official status? Blanche will be ecstatic.

    Also, you should get a head-tat. It'll be awesome. DOITDOITDOITDOIT!

  3. @Keiken: The easiest way to say it is that you are attempting to piss people off

    @Quetzal: That sounds awesome! Good luck with your new lucky gal ;D

  4. @Keiken: For the lulz. Here:

    That should answer your questions (and keep you locked in a loop for hours besides).

    @Ben: Head tattoos might be considered, if I want to shock more people. I already get lots of weird glances, so it's like trolling in real life, just walking down an aisle in the grocery store.

    @Theta: Thank you. I might not take luck in the Slendy department, but the relationship one? Fuck yeah.

  5. hmmm.. it does not seem that bad.. Althought I would prefer to do not do it.