Monday, 25 July 2011


Because reading weird-ass stories on the Internet put me in a weird-ass mood.

I mean, seriously, creepypasta? That's my treasure hunt? It's not holy literature or a classic or anything of the sort. But I can see what she's getting at, really. A lot of focus on old Fae myths - iron, salt, the like. Water, trees, fire. The distortion stuff, the static, the symbol and what it means.

Fuck my dignity, it's actually kind of cool.

I mean, there's weird Wicca stuff all over, from some blogs, and then some classic government conspiracies, and heavy science and military stuff....

Perception filters, lightning guns, magic circles - it's like a convention.

Anyways, not here to talk about that, fun as it is. I'm here to talk about myself a bit while I snoop around.

So, yeah, Quetzal, the mythology-obsessed nerd. I like ARGs, needling people, having a good laugh.... What can I say? Trolling is fun, too, though I try to keep it intelligent and not "NO U". The world needs more snark.  Original snark, though, not something stupid like calling everyone a faggot. That's the most tired attempt of irritating people, really.

I have a dog, and a rabbit. I like reptiles, especially the big fierce ones that I can only admire from a distance. I don't like the dark, don't like heights, and hate idiots. I like girls - for anyone dense enough to not notice the last few posts - and I like knowing how to kick people's asses, especially when they start making what their pitiful minds interpret as witty comments on my aforementioned liking. I like trolling trolls. I have an older brother, I live with my parents (totally your usual basement dweller sitting on a laptop all the time) and I have a job doing stuff online.

You could say I take refuge in cynicism because my ideals and dreams are too bright and shiny, and I know they'll break.

Or, you know, this could all be a complete lie. Anonymity is awesome, eh?


  1. A troll that intends to intelligently snark has just been unleasehed on the Slender Man community?

    ...This is going to be fun to watch.

    *once again retreats to lurk creepily from the sidelines*

  2. Intends to? You fail to understand, my good Greek letter. I am succeeding already.

    Arrogance and certainty look a lot alike, hm?

    I hope I entertain you.

  3. My apologies for messsing that up.

    They do have a tendancy too.

    Most trolls do :3

  4. I have no idea what to make of you...

  5. Thank you.

    I'm just following those who appear to be big players, but thank you for returning the favour regardless.