Friday, 22 July 2011


Apparently I have more to look forward to tomorrow than just coffee and a chat.

If my sole follower at the moment has ever read the Redwall books that compromised a part of my childhood, then you know what kind of riddles and treasure hunts I like. Long, cryptic ones. Hints and "Eureka" moments everywhere - that sort of thing.

So my friend (who needs to come up with a handle; I'm too paranoid to use her real name) decided to give me a clue to start me off on some symbolic story on the internet. I'd like to think that I would adore being in an ARG, so I don't mind checking it out.

I'll see what she's come up with tomorrow~


  1. Sounds fun. I've never read those books, but I think I remember a friend of mine doing so.

    Call her Bob until she gets a handle. XD

  2. Hell no.

    Probably something Aztec to match mine. Maybe Tezca after the appropriately contrasting god to my own. I'll ask her about it tomorrow.

    The books are a bit formulaic, but pretty fun reads if you suspend disbelief.