Friday, 1 July 2011

I Call Upon Thee

" the land of the dead, to release thy fury of thunder!"

Uh, hi! I am Quetzal, a mythology geek who also games. Don't really know what to say here - got my next few posts planned out for gaming. I... write essays in my spare time, on stuff that interests me - like mythology, and mythology in video games and...

I swear I'm not as one-track minded as I appear - it's just that it's a fascinating subject! As for video games, I do like Tales of Symphonia, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed.

This blog will be for essays, ramblings and my accounts of my Pokemon Nuzlocke run, which I am starting tomorrow. So... random stuff: I'm female. 18, Canadian, I live in the Centre of the Universe (Toronto, to non-Canadians who are not aware of the joke) and I'm about to become a university student~ I go on TV Tropes, though I am not a troper. So... yeah, introduction over. Nuzlocke details shall follow soon.

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