Sunday, 17 July 2011

Yeah, I Was Busy

Um. Part of it was Pokemon Red, though I did grind and beat Falkner in my Nuzlocke - I'm doing pretty well right now.
Bakuphoon - M, Level 16
Impa - F, Level 15
Norima - F, Level 14
Mornir - M, Level 14
Ymir - M, Level 15
Sly - M, Level 13

But, uh, another reason for my silence was that I've been kind of busy being social. I went to the Harry Potter premiere - not at midnight but still, the first day. And it was awesome. And I met this really nice girl there. Like, absurdly nice and geeky and willing to discuss Pokemon challenges and how at the end of the third movie you could wait to see if Harry would say "Nox" at the end of the credits....

You get the gist of it. She likes mythology too! Mostly Scandinavian and fairytale sort of thing - not the modern versions but the Grimm stuff. Black forests and death and cannibalism everywhere. 

So yeah, traded numbers, MSN - we chat a lot. She's a big fan of symbols and different interpretations of them. Like those Japanese and Chinese characters apparently can mean five different things depending on context or minor variations as you write them... and other stuff too, like how snakes are deceitful in western culture but a symbol of guardianship in the east. We're going to meet up next weekend again.


  1. Ooooooh? A girl? Quezzy, you and me are gonna have to chat with this girl of yours.

    Anywho, what did you think of Harry Potter. I'm torn. On one hand, it did sum up the movie series nicely, and did a few scenes correctly, but on the other hand they did so much so differently from the books that I'm not pleased at all. Sure, some of the changes made the story arguably better, but a lot of them didn't. Anywho, drop me a line sometime. I need to chat with you about the movie. And your girl.

  2. Yes. A girl. A very pretty girl, too~

    I liked it, but then, I sort of broke down when Snape died, and his memories and Lily saying anything...

    The Resurrection Stone was the worst, though.

    Yeah, yeah, I'm actually a sentimental person. Don't spread it around. They left out some of Neville's badassery with the hat burning and that little bit of torture. They focused too much on the battle and skipped out some of Harry's lines - the "try for a little remorse" one, for instance. They could have done the Hallows too...

    Still, McGonagall was amazing, the score was amazing, the suspense and the emotions they wanted to stir were sufficiently stirred - I have nitpicks, not true dislikes.

  3. Oh God, the Resurrection Stone scene, if I wasn't forced to safeguard my pride I would have flat out broken down during that scene. Despite my convincing myself that I had a little shriveled up stone for a heart, a couple of tears managed to leak out.

    Also, the final battle between Voldy and Harry. What. How do you fuck something so simple up so badly? And why did they leave the whole "dying for someone you love grants them magical protection, and thus Harry granted all of the people at Hogwarts that protection by going willingly to his death" thing? You know, one of the major themes of the book being the importance of love and all. Pshhh.