Saturday, 2 July 2011

Well, Technically Today!

So, started my Nuzlocke run with basic rules and a No Duplicates clause - thanks Blanche, who is also my first and only follower. Welcome to my dreary blog~

Currently still lurking about Cherrygrove - the SoulSilver intro is rather long and takes a while to get to where I can actually catch Pokemon - but I have three now and I'll be doing some major grinding tomorrow. Also, just watched Sucker Punch! My mind is kind of on overdrive now - had to try to balance everything and work out what was going on. Have to admit I really liked it, though. So yeah... my current (horribly weak team):
Bakuphoon - M, Level 11

Impa - F, Level 4
Norima - F, Level 3

Excuse the weird formatting, not exactly sure how to tinker with pictures yet. I didn't have the best luck, as I was hoping for a Pidgey, but Hoothoot can learn some Psychic moves so that'll work well enough, and Norima might be badass if I can keep her around till she evolves. Huh, it is now 12:30, Sunday morning. How ever did that happen?

...Oh yes, TV Tropes.

Well, I started this post at 11:58 so it still counts. Anyways, should turn in. Updates tomorrow if I get the chance!


  1. Beware of your rival's croconaw. He's taken down two of my team members, neither of whom had a elemental disadvantage.

  2. Noted. I will hope for a Mareep.