Thursday, 28 July 2011

Declaration of Intent

Alright. Welcome and thank you to my shiny new followers, all three of you. Whether you are insane, amazingly dedicated writers or telling the truth, it's nice to know I have so many people reading this.

That said - please don't give me too many "you're in too deep, get out" comments because they will eventually become monotonous. Instead, let's play a game.

I keep reading and watching, and nothing happens. I comment on the things I find stupid in the mythos, and hopefully do not draw too many aforementioned remarks about my doom.

I keep reading and watching and delve too deep. I issue an apology, and allow everyone involved to call me an idiotic fucktard who needs her eyes gouged out and her girlfriend slaughtered for infecting her. Calling me a fucktard is a rare honour, you know.

Yes, I'm making light of this. No, I won't stop. I see why Tezca's so interested though, with the tree symbolism and callbacks to German and Egyptian myths. Gives me some ideas, as it were.



    You're fine, Quetzy. Even Slender wont nom on a troll. Not to mention, one of my friends is OBSESSED. Like, I'm pretty sure she manages to follow every blog and vlog somehow. So I wouldn't worry too much.

    In fact, it links to foreign myths. That means you must delve deeper.

    *must be about the only person encouraging you to go deeper xD*

  2. The blaph monster is deeper than just that. Wonder how once you enter is difficult to get out? How once you know about it it starts to be an adicttion before someting goes wrong?

    And it may dont be so popular, but It also enters into christ-judean 'myths'. And no, the Bible is not the primary text for it's mythology.

  3. Hey, look at it this way. As far as you're concerned, even if it IS real, there are enough people who know about it and follow these things that it is considered a pretty large meme, with many, many tropes pages.

    So odds are you'll be fine. Although, your chances are probably worsened by having a blog. =P

    So you gotta ask yourself one question...are you feeling lucky, punk? xD

  4. Welcome to the blog of unwieldy name, Keiken.

    May I ask what your first language is?

    I am addicted to myths in general, so any attempt to diagnose if I'm being sucked in ends up rather inaccurate.

    Besides, I trust someone in real life a little more than a couple of bloggers when it comes to getting in and out of this.

  5. Spanish-Latin

    Curious, one of the rules of this is not involucrating people who do not know about it.

  6. Sorry Teach, didn't see your post.

    Damn, I wish my teachers in elementary were as cool as you appear to be.

    Yeah, I fucking feel lucky.

    @Keiken: Rule against infection, right? My girlfriend seems to think it is just a cool meme factory that has infected the internet.

  7. Jah, I see. Pardon me if you had say it before, but exactly why are you searching for the Blaph Monster?

  8. I'm sorry, but it is very difficult to take you seriously when you refer to Him/Father/TPF/Slendy as Blaph Monster.

    Was that your goal?

    Because my girlfriend told me to.

    ...That sounds far more flippant and stupid than it sounded in my head.

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